A pizza box is a convenient package which allows you to transport pastry in safety. The use of such boxes is relevant for cafes, pizzerias, restaurants and other food outlets where food is taken out. In addition, a good cardboard box with a printed logo is not only the best option for packaging pastries, but also an effective advertising method.

Pizza boxes are designed to carry pizza, pies, cheesecakes and other large-sized pastry, which is difficult to be transported in plastic containers or bags.

Our pizza boxes:

  • high heat resistant, protect the product from cooling;
  • prevent food from dust during transportation;
  • maintain the shape of the baking;
  • possess high strength and are resistant to forcing and breaking;
  • biodegradable in nature.

Main characteristics

Pizza boxes have the following characteristics:

  • fabrication material - three-layer corrugated cardboard;
  • brown or white cardboard color;
  • folding cover;
  • boxes size is agreed with the customer, standard dimensions: 255 * 255 * 40; 320*320*40; 335*335*40; 365*365*40.

To extend the service life of the boxes, it is necessary to store them in a dry room.

Applying the Logo

At the request of the customer, it is possible to apply an exclusive drawing and the company logo on the box. Printing is done with the help of modern technologies, both on white and brown cardboard.

Nice pizza box design reflects cafe or restaurant high level, performs direct advertising tasks and ensures its recognition among competitors.