Cardboard trays of small height with an open top are often used for packaging food and other products. This type of container provides good product protection and at the same time is light, compact, can be assembled on pallets and in other forms of complex packaging. Therefore, the trays are popular in large and small businesses. Vegetable trays and similar types of packaging have become desirable at the markets and stores, as they provide accessibility and understandable distribution of products. The ability to adapt the dimensions and shape for the finished product makes it an almost universal type of packaging. Disassembled corrugated tray takes up little space during storage and transportation, and is easily assembled and disassembled. There are corrugated trays with gluing as well as self-assembled ones. The trays are easy to be opened at the point of sale (usually the tray is tightened with plastic film or can be covered with thin paper if vegetables and fruits are transported).

Different types of corrugated cardboard are used to make trays:

  • three-layer corrugated cardboard;
  • micro corrugated cardboard (for small trays, for example souvenirs or cosmetics, household needs);
  • five-layer corrugated cardboard (is usually used for vegetables and fruits large trays).

Carving allows you to make a strong box. The design of the package takes into account the characteristics of the products the customer will pack in a corrugated tray. Special holes, perforations or other elements of the boxes are specially made for this purpose. In this way corrugated tray for poultry meat will ensure the safety of the product.

Printing on a corrugated tray reports information about the product and draws attention to the trademark. The same corrugation trays (for example, with the company logo) can be used to package a large number of various products, and the labeling and composition of the product may be indicated on the labels.

The cardboard tray has basic dimensions (length, width, height) and holes of the customer's choice. We offer trays of the following types:

  • "TV Box" is used for weighty confectionery products (cookies, sweets). Small boards protect products from falling out from above. Such a confectionery corrugator is easily assembled and suitable for different goods. It allows easy shipment to the customer and fast installation of the goods on the shelves of self-service stores.
  • The vegetable corrugator is usually made of a five-layer or three-layer corrugated cardboard, has holes for ventilation and gripping. A very similar type of package is a corrugated poultry tray with a strong bottom. You can lay non-washable materials or special paper to ensure better safety inside of the tray.

The trays may be fitted with suitable size covers as desired by the customer.