Cardboard and paper production

On April 25,1973, the K-07 cardboard machine has been tested under loading on imported Baikal cellulose, and the first production of containerboard department, the commercial cellulose has been received. During 1975-1977, in collaboration with the colleagues from Russian Research Institute of Pulp and Paper Industry in Astrakhan, the method of pulping and getting the liner board of corrugated cardboard made of mixed wood has been fulfilled.


OJSC ‘Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” has stronger positions in the market of a containerboard. It is due to having its own source of raw materials and processing industry (container production workshop) that helps the plant to control the quality of the released cardboard on the spot.


The annual output of containerboard is 100 000 tons.

Raw materials for production of a cardboard arrive from own cooking workshop producing sulfate unbleached pulp. From this semi-finished product on the cardboard machine the kraft liner is made. Cooking production produces 99 439 tons of sulfate unbleached pulp a year.


  • A liner board of corrugated cardboard from kraft pulp

A kraft pulp liner board of corrugated cardboard. Due to the quality indicators, different brands of cardboard are produced (KS, K)

A cardboard is made in rolls 1050, 1260, 1400, 1600, 2100 mm wide, and in coordination with the consumer in an individual order.

Strategic planning of plant is directed to increase the production of a cardboard and expand sale production and the final packing of corrugated packaging.