Corrugated cardboard production

On October,21,1992, the workshop of corrugated cardboard production has produced its first products. New production has allowed to process a considerable part of the developed cardboard, to leave it for further processing and to turn out the final product – a corrugated container. It let to increase product sales and expand its nomenclature.


Corrugated cardboard and the products made of it are one of the most important types of the packing materials used many industries as packing, including transport. The cardboard container meets the requirements of transportation, and makes it convenient for merchandising processes.



Corrugated cardboard production of OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill”:

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes, components to boxes, corrugated sheet cardboard, corrugated cardboard production of compound cutting.
  • Sheet corrugated cardboard of “B”, “C”, “E” profile.
  • Sheet corrugated cardboard is produced in the following types:
  • Т - three- layered, consisted of 2 liners and 1 corrugated layer
  • П – five-layered, consisted of 3 liners (2 outer and 1 inner layer), 2 corrugated layers.
  • Sheet corrugated cardboard is made in sheets with flute:

    "Е" (micro): max size 2050 х 3000 мм, "В" (small): max size – 2050 х 3000 мм, "С" (middle): max size – 2 050 х 3 000 мм. Sheet sizes are fixed in coordination with the consumer.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes

Packing from corrugated cardboard is universal, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and easily utilized.

We produce more than 700 types of corrugated cardboard boxes of different sizes both in accordance with the orders of the consumer and the state standard specifications and TU from a three-layer corrugated cardboard of T22 brand – T27, and from a five-layered corrugated cardboard of P32, P33 brand.


At the request of the consumer, corrugated cardboard boxes can be completed with supportive packing applications: laying, partitions, inserts, feedwells and lattices, as well as flexographic press can be applied on the boxes.

To save the quality of the products and deliver it to the consumer in appropriate look, the process of packing the boxes into the pallets has been developed at the plant.

The main consumers of our products:

  • Alcoholic beverage plants
  • Producers of juice, meat and dairy products
  • Confectioneries
  • Producers of industrial and household goods
  • Producers of furniture

Corrugated cardboard of compound cutting

The box of compound cutting is made of three-layered, five-layered corrugated cardboard with flute "B", "C", "Е", by rotational cutting with the help of matrixes.

The product range is about 200 items: footwear boxes; pallets for confectionary packing, boxes for vegetables, boxes for poultry, PET-forms; corrugated cardboard boxes of tray type for alcoholic products.

Except corrugated cardboard boxes mentioned above, it is possible to produce a box of any size as well as its components according to the consumer’s request

In 2007 - 2008 in container production workshop the investment program for modernization of the existing park of the equipment for production of a corrugated cardboard boxes has been carried out.

Buying the new equipment will allow to increase the production of corrugated cardboard boxes of compound cutting which are highly demanded nowadays in comparison with four flap boxes.

Modernization of the existing park of the equipment as well as the achievements of the best quality and mobility of production, and maintaining a certain price policy will ultimately increase volume of production and realization of corrugated cardboard boxes of compound cutting.