Marketing policy

“We take care of your business, producing high quality package and preserving the nature”.

marketing-sckk.jpg The enterprise marketing policy is focused on cellulose and cardboard production target market needs satisfaction. At the same time, it is aimed to minimize the environmental impact. The mission reflects the purposes and aspirations of our enterprise:

The strategic marketing planning is an integral part of enterprise policy. It is aimed to keep domestic market power, as well as to expand power on a foreign market. OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” tries to achieve these objectives with the help of resource-saving strategy.

The chosen direction means all types of resources irrational approaches elimination, as well as management problems elimination. The resource-saving strategy allows to cut down the irrational expenses per unit of useful effect keeping high quality.

OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” sells the products to a wide number of customers both, internal and external markets. Among the export production countries are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, China. The most important enterprise strategic activity is cardboard and corrugated board production which brings the main enterprise profit.

Now the enterprise is on a way to container board equipment modernization, as a result of which we plan to widen the product range, to improve the quality and to gain of new sales markets as well as to consolidate present market positions.

Quality production improvement implementation under the consumer's wishes requirements is one of the enterprise policy’s leading directions. The mill feels confident about the future and takes into the account the increasing requirements of the target market.