Ecological activities

OJSC “Selenga pulp and cardboard mill” sets the specific objectives directed to reduce the environmental impact, fulfills Federal legislation requirements in the field of environmental protection. It is especially urgent in the view of the fact that SPCM is located 10 kilometers away from the left shore of the Selenga river and 60 kilometers away from Baikal Lake. This fact increases ecological responsibility level for the management and the employees team of OJSC “Selenga pulp and cardboard mill”.


The plant obtains a unified production control program, including ecological production control. We control atmosphere emissions starting from stationary sources, on sanitary protection zone borders and influence zones; finishing with the control over soils in waste storage places and the control over hydraulic structure operations: initial, chemically purified and reverse water control.

OJSC “Selenga pulp and cardboard mill” does not dump the purified sewage into natural reservoirs. 1990, for the first time in world’s practice, the mill launched the closed water recirculation system, which completely excluded the plant’s industrial drains dumping, without the production quality reduce.

The powerful waste treatment facilities complex carries out three-stage waste production water purification. The purified industrial sewage completely comes back to the production.

The enterprise has the following licenses: subsoil use right - with the purpose of technical underground waters extraction; implementation of activities for collecting, usage, neutralization, transportation and dangerous wastes placement.

OJSC “Selenga pulp and cardboard mill” has installed gas and dust removal facilities to reduce the industrial emissions load on the surrounding environment.

Production wastes placement is carried out on the specialized storage objects which meet ecological, health and other surrounding environment protection requirements established by Russian Federation legislation.

OJSC “Selenga pulp and cardboard mill” has created a complete control system of environmental protection, which involves ecological standard development documentation, technical actions, directed to decrease the enterprise surrounding environment influence. There is a full package of permitting documents necessary to implement ecological safe activity.

Environmental protection enterprise activity is open for all interested persons.