Mill's policies

Our enterprise efficiency depends on many things and policies which are viewed as the activity base.

Corporate responsibility is the volunteer satisfaction of business environment in social, ecological means, presented with the idea to obtain sustainable development. We understand sustainable development as the certain organization behavior which provides the balance of natural recourses usage, scientific and technical development, personal development as a mean to improve potential to satisfy the requirements and future intentions.

We view social decisions as the matter of the first magnitude. We realize in full the responsibility we have as the employer.

OJCS “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” business activities affect the interest of dozens thousands of people. The environmental impact, the pulp produces, delineates its social responsibility, that’s why we set a high value on environmental policy.

Quality policy specifies the enterprise development direction. Our purposes are corroborated by certain objectives and plans aimed to reach the purposes.

Marketing policy is not only the cost policy. The distribution of goods among the trade channels management is a very important issue for a mill. We realize the package of means aimed to fix in and maintain the market position, to ensure a sustainable pulp profit, to widen sales’ geographical segment, to enlarge the circle of customers, to get certain competitive strengths.

The strategic direction of job safety policy is laborers’ life and health secure related with the production activities results. The Process Safety Management is inbuilt into the Business Management System.