The quality of our products is our “national idea”. Over the last 40 years, thousands of wagons, tanks of wood chemical production, billions of square meters of a cardboard and paper have undergone testing for quality with the help of Quality Department.

The service of standardization and certification has developed the standard documentation of divisions of plant. A huge work on certification of import and domestic production of plant and the equipment has been carried out.

Self-checking system has become an important milestone in formation of quality. The foundation has been laid by the workshop of coated container production. During 2006-2007 self-checking was carried out almost in all divisions of OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” producing the finished goods.

Today, the quality service consists of three workshop laboratories, the central plant, sanitary and industrial laboratories, technological group, service of standardization and certification, service on claims activities.

Quality service is a group of highly qualified specialists able to work together and see a common goal. Quality never appears at once and never stays permanently as perfection doesn't have a limit.

In this section, one can get acquainted with the control of quality parameters performed at our plant due to the types of productions, by certificates and declarations of compliance on products, material safety data sheets on wood chemical production, certificates on the state registration of compliance of production to standard sanitary, epidemiologic and hygienic requirements.

In this section, standard documentation on products, produced by OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” is submitted.