Short glossary of terms

Corrugated cardboard — is the most widespread packing material. It is made by gluing of linerboard from two sides of corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated box — is the assembled product made of a cardboard. Corrugated boxes are divided into the following types: four-flap folding, four-flap unfolded, assembled, etc.

Cardboard packing — is one of the most widespread types of packaging (container). Rapid development of the packing industry has allowed to force out a wooden shipping container, having replaced it with the cardboard packing.

Corrugated box — is one of the most widespread types of packaging of a cardboard. It is made of a three-layered, five-layered and seven-layered corrugated cardboard. Corrugated packaging is made of a three-layered, five-layered, seven-layered corrugated cardboard. Corrugated packaging is used in all industries, for household purposes, moving, storage and warehousing.

Paper (cardboard, ink) abrasiveness — is the property of paper (cardboard) surface to break the smoothness of the other surface, for example a printing form while printing.

Absorbability — ability of paper or a cardboard to absorb or hold contacted liquid. It is possible to determine degree or rate of absorption by a standard test method.
Maturing of paper, paper conditioning, seasoning — is making out the balance with RH and the temperature of the building

Anisotropy of paper (cardboard) — is distinction of many properties of paper (cardboard) in different directions of a sheet, for example in width and length, on the front and net part of a sheet.

Antiadhesive packing paper — Antiadhesive packing paper is paper, processed by organosilicon compounds for packing and laying the sticky products.

Сorrosion proof wrapping paper, anticorrosive packaging paper — is paper with waterproof covering, sometimes without it, containing corrosion inhibitors, for protection of metal products against atmospheric corrosion

Reinforced paper (board), armored paper — is paper or cardboard strengthened by fabric or threads during an outflow and pressing in a damp state and by pasting.

Acetylated paper — is paper which has been partially acetylated for increasing its water repellency and thermal stability

Antiseptic (desinfectant) paper — is biocidal paper containing bactericidal substances, used for treatment of wounds and for packing products to protect them from bacterial contamination

Velour paper — is decorative paper produced by drawing in the electrostatic method on a paper basis of pile from fibers of various length for production of paper products
Whiteness (luminous reflectance) — the complex property of visual feeling characterizing extent of approach of a subject to white, by degree of increased brightness, high disseminating ability and the minimum color shade (ISO)

Insecticide paperboard — is cardboard for packing and construction purposes, containing antiseptic substances, giving it resistance to action of living organisms.

Biocide paper — is the collective name for the paper containing biocidal substances and having ability to kill bacteria (bactericidal paper), mold mushrooms (fungicide paper) and insects (insecticidal paper)
Bituminized packaging paper — is paper steeped with the melted bitumen. It is used for production of bags, protective covers of cables, and as packing and water protective material

Paper — is the material in the form of a thin sheet (thickness-4 — 400 microns) consisting of previously ground vegetable fibers randomly bound and interconnected by surface bonding strength. Formation of paper is made by a sedimentation method on continuously moving grid of the paper machine from the diluted fibrous suspension. Synthetic and mineral fibers can be used either.

Fluting — is intended for producing corrugated medium. It weighs 80-160 g/m2. It has high resistance to flat and butt compression.

Match box paper — is sized smooth-one-side paper for printing the match box labels and for papering the match boxes.

Unfinished paper (board), uncalendered paper, paper without finish — is paper (cardboard) which has not been calendered (ISO)

Machine—finished paper (board) — is paper (cardboard), run through a calender of the cardboard machine to obtain a uniform thickness and a smooth surface on both sides

Coated paper (board) — is paper (board) with cover, consisting of two or more components for adding peculiar properties.

Machine glazed paper — is paper, run through machine glazed cylinder to obtain extra smoothness on one side (ISO)

Base (body) paper, body stock, backing paper;
Foil raw paper — base-paper for foil
corn raw paper — base-paper for corn-paper
metal base paper — base-paper for metal coating
oil tracing paper — base-paper for tracing paper
paper of different composition and properties, intended for processing to other products, by elaboration, impregnation and coating (ISO)

Cross direction paper — is sheet paper with the machine direction coinciding the short side of the sheet.

Machine direction paper — is sheet paper with the machine direction coinciding the long side of the sheet.

Package — is a packing paper product: bags, envelopes, boxes, glasses, labels for wrapping confectionary and dairy products.

1) Pulp molding — process of production of fabricated shapes made of cellulosic pulp under pressure and vacuum;
2) Molded pulp products — molded products made of cellulosic pulp

Paper twine — is twine made by twisting one, two or three tapes of kraft paper. It is intended for packing of goods.

Molded pulp products, paper pulp castings
Top side — is a side opposite to a paper (board) wire side (ISO)

Wet strength paper, waterproof paperboard is paper (board) — processed by adding to pulp synthetic resins to increase the strength in wet condition

Wet strength retention;
paper wet strength — the relation of an indicator of the set strength characteristic of paper or a cardboard in a wet condition to an indicator of the same characteristic in a dry condition, defined in accordance with the standard test methods (ISO)

Intraroll defect of paper (board) is a minor defect of paper (cardboard) which can’t be found during rewind of rolls, for example a hardly noticeable fold, glossed or matte stripes, etc.

Waterproof paper — is paper with increased resistance to water penetration. Water resisting is achieved by applying cover layer, impregnation of paper or processing of pulp.

Waterproof board — is the condensed elastic cardboard with low indicators of water absorption capacity, linear deformation when moistening and drying intended for production of waterproof details

Air permeability of paper (board) — is breathability of paper (board). It is characterized by air volume, passing through a certain area of paper (cardboard) in unit time in standard conditions

Сurl, cockling
Edge ripple — the defect characterized by the uneven surface of paper in the form of eminences and hollows of irregular shape, usually at the edges of a cloth in the cross direction (ISO)
High strength packing paper, kraft paper — strong sized paper made from sulfate unbleached cellulose for packing the products and postal correspondence.

Picking of paper — defibration of fibers, bunches of fibers, particles of top layer from the paper surface while printing process.

Core, reel center, paper spool
Stub — the roll rest on a reel center, the thick-walled tube which is stuck together from brown paper by means of silicate glue on a core winder. It is intended for winding of paper while receiving a roll

Smoothness of paper (board) a property of a surface of the paper(board), determined by degree of continuity (density)

Embossing, gauffering, corrugating;
embossing calender — a calender for embossing (corrugating)

corrugating medium — a base material for corrugating, process of making small parallel wavy folds on paper

Corrugated board, corrugated cardboard;
single—faced corrugated board
a—flute corrugated board — big flute
b—flute corrugated board — small flute
c—flute corrugated board — medium flute
e—flute corrugated board — micro flute
packing cardboard consisting of alternating linerboard and corrugated layers, intended for producing boxes.

Pre-coating, padding — application to paper (board) color layer, on which the print and the top layer will be applied.

Pre—coated paper — is a paper with top layer for the subsequent application of print color.

Gumming, gum process;
gum printing — application the adhesive coat (on back labels, stamps etc.)
gumming machine — application of adhesive coat on one side of paper(board) with the subsequent drying

gummed paper;
gummed label paper — paper with one-side adhesive cover coat, sticking to other subjects while wetting or warming.

Double layer waterproof packing (packaging) paper;
Double layer waterproof packing (packaging) paper; — double layer packaging bituminized paper is paper made by sticking of two layers with bitumen- a base for moisture attack protection.

Decorative paper, ornamental paper — is paper with smooth crepe surface or surface, imitation of velvet, marble, leather.

Reel length, coil length — a length of paper (board) web, making the reel, in meters.

Grease-proof paper — is paper with increased resistance to penetration of greasy substances. Grease resistance is achieved by special way of paper processing with formation of closed-up surface or by means of covering.

Grease resistance — is a property of packing paper (board) not to leak greasy substances.

Ash content(s) — mass fraction of minerals in paper (board), expressed as a percentage

Insecticide paper — is biocide paper, containing insecticide, preventing insects hazard.

Apparent density of paper (of board) paper (board) — weight per unit volume. It is counted on the weight of 1m2 and average thickness of each single sheet (ISO)

Calendered paper
Glazed cardboard
Supercalendered paper
Calendering machine
paper (board) passed through supercalender to make it smooth and glaze.

Capillary rise; capillarity tester — measuring instrument of capillary absorbency of paper, the characteristic of paper (cardboard) on ability of liquid to climb material capillaries; height on which liquid climbs vertically fixed strip during certain time (ISO)

Board, paperboard, cardboard — the solid sheet or web like material with thickness 0.3-5 mm produced from fiber mass. A raw material for development of a cardboard is thermomechanical mass, semi-cellulose, unbleached cellulose, waste paper. Synthetic and mineral fibers are used as well.

Liner board — is vat-lined board with high rate of burst strength, intended for producing corrugated cardboard.

Bale, pack — packing measure of sheet paper, sheet cardboard, as well as sheet of cellulose and wood pulp.
Mass of a pile is up to 200 kg

Composition of paper (board) — type and correlation of fibrous and non-fibrous components of paper (board) (ISO)

Paper (board) conditioning — ageing of paper (cardboard) in standard conditions of the environment for giving of necessary humidity and temperature

Warping, warp, waving, buckle;
buckling of paper
sheet buckling
a defect in curling of paper (board) sheets with concave and convex sites.

Box board (boxboard) — packing cardboard of machine smoothness, sometimes calendered, applied to production of a small-sized packaging.

Out of square sheet — deviation of a form of the sheet of paper (board) from rectangular

Ink acceptance, trapping — a property of paper (board) to perceive the definite amount of printing paint while printing under specific conditions of contact and rapture od a paint layer.

Kraftliner — a linerboard, consisting of kraft cellulose (ISO)

Paper creping — processing of paper with creping machine or machine glazed cylinder of paper-making machine to get small cross-folds on the paper sheet

Crepe paper — paper with small folded surface and increased lengthening to a gap. It is intended for production of decorative material, sanitary-hygienic products, insulating pads.

Crepe packing (packaging) paper — thin crepe paper, made of unbleached cellulose, for laying and packing of different products.

ink strength
riding (covering) power of paint
ability of paint or the pigment which is a part of paint to cover paper or a cardboard the way the surface would not be seen through the paint coat.

laminating machine
1. connection (pasting) of two or several layers of identical or various materials (paper with a cardboard, a foil and a film with paper or a cardboard, etc.)
2. application of a film covering on paper or a cardboard from fusion

linear deformation, linear strain;
expansion tester change of the linear sizes of the sheet of paper (cardboard) (on width and length) at change of environmental conditions

paper, sheet of paper
cardboard sheet a part of paper (board) web rectangular (ISO)

flat paper, sheet paper
dull finished art paper
quad sheet sizes — a series of formats of sheet paper from 770x1010 mm to 960x1270 mm

the paper (cardboard) issued in sheets of a certain format

Paper (paperboard) marking — the defect characterized by formation on a surface of paper (board) grid or cloth prints of the paper-making machine

Grammage — the mass of unit of area of paper or cardboard determined by a standard test method. It is expressed in grams on 1 sq.m. (ISO)

Paper machine direction — the direction of paper (cardboard) web corresponding to the direction of the movement of a grid by paper-making machines

Coating, chalking;
coating mill
machine—coated board
one coat
one—side coated paper
two—side coated paper (double—coated paper)
air knife coating of paper
blade coated paper
brush coating
brush—coated paper
shallow machine coating — applying the cover on the surface of paper (board), consisting of a pigment and adhesive substance for improvement or giving the special properties of a surface of a sheet.

Coated paper (board), chalk overlay paper;
chroma paper — high quality coated paper, paper of high degree of coating.
art paper — coated paper with high degree of brightness
coated litho paper
cameo—coated paper — coated paper with matte surface
mat art (dull art, dull coated) paper
dull finished art paper
cast—coated paper — paper of machine coating; coated paper with the raised glaze

metallized paper, foil paperboard;
metal (metallic) paper — the metallized paper; foil; silver paper, cardboard with an integumentary layer from a metal foil or from the sprayed metal

Mechanical strength of paper (board) — a property of paper (cardboard) to resist destruction under the influence of mechanical loading

Mechanical injury — defect, characterized by paper (board) integrity loss expressed in picking, separation of the coated layer, tears, dents, breaks (cracks), rapture of an edge, cuts, scratches.

Bag (sack) paper — is a tough hard-sized paper from unbleached sulfate cellulose for production of bags, including moisture-resistant, bituminized and with a top layer.

Micro-creping — is the process of giving to paper of a small, hardly noticeable crepe, to increase the indicators of tensile, folding and resistance to dynamic loadings properties.

Multiply paper (board), multi-layered paper (board)
pasteboard — bleached lined board
linerboard — multi-layered board
solid fiberboard
paper (cardboard) consisting of several layers pressed in a damp state (ISO)

Cockling — the localized deformation of paper sheet due to uneven shrinkage in the form of closely located folds (wrinkles) (ISO)

Winding, reeling, wrap—round;
web winding machine — machine for winding of a tape in a roll; machine for rewinding of a tape from one roll on another; rewinding machine winding of a paper web, cardboard or fiber with or without a core (ISO)

Coating, overcoating;
coating equipment
coating and spreading machine
wiping roll for coating and spreading machines — process of applying on the surface of paper and a cardboard of one or more coted layer in suspension or other materials in the liquid form (ISO)

Uneven colored paper (board) — the defect of the coated or painted paper (cardboard) characterized by uneven distribution of paint on the area of paper web (cardboard) or on raw components of paper (cardboard)

Slackness — the defect characterized by existence in a paper (cardboard) roll of places with a different density of winding on its width, extensions or cambers on a side surface of a roll

Clipped cut — the defect characterized by the crispness pf paper(cardboard) on edges of a paper (cardboard) web appearing while cutting by blunt knives

Wrap, wrapping paper, packing (packaging) paper;
handle paper
bastard paper
hosiery paper — thin wrapping paper
small hands paper
paper, produced from wood pulp for wrapping food products

Trim width, trim size — the width of paper (cardboard) web after cutting the edges on winder.

Permanent deformation, permanent set — reducing the sizes of paper (cardboard) sheet on width and length after soaking in water and the subsequent drying. It is expressed as a percentage to the initial sizes of a sheet.

Paraffined (wax(ed)) paper — is paper made of a paper base and impregnated with paraffin for packing of various products and food products.

Glassoid, glassine paper
artificial parchment
Japanese vellum — Japanese paper (thin and soft, made of mulberry barque)
Japan vellum — English imitation of Japanese parchment
translucent sized paper without filler, with high indicators of mechanical durability, grease and oil resistant, for production of a tracing-paper, and for packing of food products.

Printing quality
printability pl — printing quality (combination of paper and paint qualities, making them suitable for printing)
runability — printing qualities of paper
ability of paper (cardboard) in normal conditions of process of printing to provide the required circulations of the prints which are precisely reproducing the smallest details of a printing form

Flatness, levelness — the state of paper (cardboard) in case of absence of paper curl, cockling and corrugating.

Imitation parchment, artificial parchment, vellum — thin paper made from wet beating cellulose with limited grease resistance and high mechanical durability for packing food products. Liner, coating layer, decoating (of a cardboard) — the layer of tape, foil, varnish or a mix from the mineral, plasticizing and binding substances applied on the paper surface (cardboard) to ennoble or add special properties (ISO)

Paper/cardboard cross direction — direction, perpendicular to machine direction of paper (cardboard) (ISO)

Trim size — the sizes of paper or cardboard sheets ready for direct consumption (ISO)

Untrim size — paper or cardboard sheet sizes, rather big to produce a consumer format out of them (ISO)

Permeability — material ability to pass liquid from one surface on the opposite one (ISO)

Paper lookthrough/cloudiness — relative positioning of paper components defined in the passing light. Cloudy, ragged and equal paper gleams are distinguished visually.

Flaking of paper (board) — the defect characterized by dry paper (cardboard) particles separation or small fibers separation at the free movement or contact with the surface of other body.

Square paper — the paper possessing close mechanical durability indicators on leave’s length and width

Paper (cardboard) color variation — the defect characterized by existence of rolls’ color shades or sheets’ shades of one paper (cardboard) consignment.

Paper (cardboard) two-sidedness — the defect in the top and net parties of paper (cardboard) properties distinction in smoothness, gluing, absorbency, shade of color, etc. Occurs due to uneven distribution of a filler, small fiber, glue rainfall in the thickness of paper (cardboard)

Paper (cardboard) breaking length — gaged length in meters whereby paper (cardboard) strip, freely suspended on one end, has to be broken off under the influence of its own weight. Expresses the paper (cardboard) resistance to a breaking stress while stretching.

Paper/cardboard separation (into layers), ply separation test — test for stratification, defect of multiply paper (cardboard) elementary layers separation

Vegetable parchment — greaseproof transparent paper with high rates of mechanical durability and wet strength received by paper processing - a basis sulfuric acid with the subsequent washing and drying, for foodstuff packing, finished products packing, and also for the technical purposes.

Рулон Roll, reel, web;
paper (stock) roll, paper reel, web of paper
roll of printing paper
board roll
rolled web
double width web
half-width web
expiring stub
rolled continuous stock web (ISO)

to reel off
to reel on
parent reel
counter reel, takeup reel
reel to open sheet
reel to reel
reel to signature
reel center
1. Core roll
2. Reel core — the continuous stock web, reeled up on a reel core or shaft (ISO)

Reeled paper (cardboard), roll(ed) paper, web paper, continuous paper, endless paper;
paper reel stock room, roll paper magazine

Wireside, paper wire side
paper underside
twin wire board paper (cardboard) side, touching papermaking machine grid in the course of production

Calender creases — wrinkles, folds (on paper) after a mangling, the defect characterized by existence on a paper (cardboard) web of a thickening appearing after folding.

Pasted board — cardboard consisting of several separately made layers stuck together (ISO)

butt splicing, butted splice, nonoverlap splice
lap splicing, overlap splice
tip, tip—on
splice detector
continuous web joining apparatus
sticking strip — paper (cardboard) web junction in a break place by means of glue or the special sticking tape

Paper curl — all sheet of paper(cardboard) surface deformation which results in sheets cylinder form. Occurs at external conditions changes or at unilateral leaf wetting.

Burst, burst strength; — maximum evenly distributed pressure attached at right angle to the sampled surface which it maintains until a gap in the conditions determined by a standard test method (ISO)
bursting strength determination — paper bursting strength determination
bursting tester — bursting strength determination tester
Goodbrand bursting tester
Mullen—type paper tester

Resistance to rupture, tensile strength
resistance to tearing
resistance to tensile strain
maximum stretching effort which a sample maintains until a gap appears in the conditions determined by a standard test method (ISO)

Paper dirt — chemical pulp dirt count - the defect characterized by existence in paper (cardboard) of various shades contrast foreign inclusions, for example sand, mineral inclusions, coal, bark, fires, etc.

Refuse, waste, tailing, drop monks—and—friars 1. Waste paper; trow-out 2. refuse - damaged paper roll layers which are cut off in the course of processing

Dimensional stability — sizes preservation paper ability despite of humidity changes, atmospheric conditions changes or physical and chemical impacts variations in the course of printing, processing and use (ISO)

forced ageing
light ageing
natural ageing
shelf ageing
tempering — irreversible paper (cardboard)properties change, especially mechanical durability, at long storage (ISO)

Ignition resistance
degree of incombustibility (of inflammability)
combustibility, inflammability, ignitability — ignition paper (cardboard) resistance degree when firing in certain test conditions (ISO)

Paper(cardboard) pasting degree — paper (cardboard) water repellency indicator estimating special ink penetration resistance and their spreading on the surface of paper (cardboard)

Container board
box board
box board mill — firm cardboard of a good bending and scoring ability, applied at container production.

Thermosealing packing (packaging) paper — limited steam permeability firm paper, with the superficial thermowelded layer and thermowelded seam normalized durability, for various goods automatic packing

Heatsealing board — superficial thermowelded layer cardboard applied to product containers pressurized by seam heat treatment method.

Liner test — liner containing a significant amount of waste weight

Embossing, pressing, stamping; — Paper (cardboard) surface texture change by means of embossing calender drawing (convex, pressed or transparent drawing)
blind embossing, blind stamping, cold stamping, blanking
cold embossing, cold pressing
hot pressing, hot engraving
hot stamping
ink embossing
multiple color embossing
gold pressing, gold stamping
to emboss in relief
foil blocking
gold blocking
hot—foil blocking

Stretch at breaking point
paper stretch — lengthening measured at the time of examined paper (cardboard) sample break-up when it is stretched in the conditions of the corresponding standard test method. It usually expresses the initial length percentage. (ISO)

Dairy packing (packaging) paper — paper with one side covered by polyethylene, the other one covered by paraffin, for liquid dairy products automatic packing.

Tropic climate packaging — paper providing products protection of increased air humidity influence, mold mushrooms and termites, containing atmospheric corrosion inhibitors or biocidal substances in the blanket.

Fruit tissue — thin sparsely pasted paper with machine smoothness, sometimes impregnated with the special substances, protecting fruits from getting rot.

Tea packing paper - glued paper of unilateral smoothness or calendered, sometimes stuck together with a foil, for tea packing

Sheet size — leaf sizes are established on width and length according to standards, the width it is less than length (ISO)
basic standard sheet A0 (841x1189 мм);
broad sheet A2
double imperial quarto 737x1140
large post quarto 210x270
copy 406x508
long twelve, twelvemo
sedecimo, sixteenmo
twentymo, vigesimo
twenty—fourmo, vicesimo—quarto

Fungicide paper — biocidal paper containing the fungicide substances preventing mold mushrooms activity

Suitcase paperboard — high-strength flexible cardboard with low water absorption indicators intended for suitcases production

Paper roll width, reel width, web width — paper (cardboard) web size measured in the cross direction (ISO)

Thread (twisting, cord) paper — high stretching durability paper when stretched in machine direction to product a twine

Static-charge accumulation by paper, electrostatic charging — defect, characterized by paper (cardboard) sheets adherence when there is an electric charge on the surface, arising under the influence of web and cylinders friction at the end of a drying part of the papermaking machine and at a mangling

Label paper — glued paper, sometimes coated, with limited absorptivity deformation, for printing of labels