Four flap boxes

The main type of corrugated packaging is a corrugated box. It is made of corrugated cardboard and has four valves cover and bottom. Four-valve corrugated boxes are the boxes produced on the standard equipment.

Additional equipment isn't required - it saves your money and time!

Thanks to erection work convenience, stacking durability and low cost this design is one of the most demanded in any consumption sector. The boxes can be complemented with supportive packing applications such as laying, inserts, feedwells and lattices.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are a go-to small types of goods packing, such as food or souvenirs. It is used for dimensional types of goods packing. Corrugated cardboard box has approved itself in it and is often used for household appliances packing.

While the tare manufacturing it is important to consider the production type of the goods planned to be packed into the corrugated cardboard boxes. The main types of a corrugated cardboard are three-layer and five-layer ones.

Our experts will help you to choose the corrugated cardboard boxs ideal size proceeding from your requirements.

Corrugated cardboard box types (according to GOST-National State Standart 9142-2014)

Type and specification of corrugated box Version Drawing Assembled corrugated cardboard box ESKD (United system for design documentation) code
Folding corrugated box with the four slotting bottom and the top with the meeting external flaps A     9142_html_m1bcaef3.jpg     9142_html_22254a69.jpg 32 1311
Corrugated box with partially locking external flaps B     9142_html_7d94d09.gif     9142_html_695efd78.gif 32 1314
Corrugated box with fully locking external flaps C     9142_html_m4e20dd9f.gif     9142_html_m17935752.gif 32 1314
Corrugated box with the meeting internal flaps and partially locked external flaps. D     9142_html_2d61a7c9.gif     9142_html_6706b0fb.gif 32 1316
Corrugated box with the meeting external and internal flaps. E     9142_html_777a8db3.gif     9142_html_22254a69.jpg 32 1312
Corrugated box with shortened external and internal flaps on the top and with the meeting external flaps on the bottom. F     9142_html_m1bcaef3.jpg     9142_html_m22c36af9.gif 32 1313
Corrugated box with the meeting external flaps on the top and on the bottom. G     9142_html_4b47014e.gif     9142_html_2b6ce762.gif 32 1315
Corrugated box with the meeting external flaps without bottom. H     9142_html_4a864c9f.gif     9142_html_m6df655f5.gif 32 1318