Our achievements

  1. In 1995 OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” became one of 5000 leading enterprises having the status "The leader of the Russian economy". Results of work of plant for 1996 have confirmed this rank.
  2. In 1997 the plant has been awarded the world known prize “Aztec Calendar» for commercial prestige.
  3. In 1998 the plant is approved as the participant of the International program "Partnership for the sake of Progress" and awarded by the prize "Gold Mercury".
  4. The plant becomes the constant participant of regional, Russian trade fairs and its production is constantly awarded by diplomas and medals.
  5. In 1998 - The diploma "Sibupak-98" in the nomination "finished goods" for production of a traditional corrugated packaging.
  6. "Siblesopolzovaniye-98" - for introduction of new technologies in timber industry production.
  7. Irkutsk, "Sibprodovolstviye-99" - the Diploma for a contribution of the enterprise to saturation of the regional market by new production technologies of packing and competitiveness of production in the regional market.
  8. “Irkutsk contacts 99” – diploma of an exhibition
  9. “10 best goods of Buryatiya” – a diploma of the winner, corrugated packaging.
  10. The diploma "The best taxpayer of 2001" for the significant contribution to formation of revenues of the Federal and territorial budget and trust budgetary funds.
  11. Krasnoyarsk, "Food supplies” ”The farmer – 2001" - the Diploma for high consumer properties of packing – paper bags with the multi-color printing.
  12. “100 best goods of Russia” -the distilled tall oil
  13. “100 best goods of Russia” a Diploma for cardboard with the coated covering
  14. “10 best goods of Buryatiya” -cardboard with the coated covering and paper bags.
  15. The honorable Diploma of Department of timber processing complex of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of the Russian Federation, the Union of lumbermen and wood exporters of Russia, the Central committee of labor union of employees of forestry of the Russian Federation is awarded to the paper package department.
  16. OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” – “The leader of economy of Buryatiya” in nomination “For the best investment rates”
  17. Medal for merits in the field of improvement of quality on the international “European week of quality in Russia”.
  18. “100 best goods of Russia” -modified tall resin.
  19. Novosibirsk, “Siberian Packing” the Diploma “For production of environmentally friendly and practically significant paper packing- paper multilayered bags”.
  20. “100 best goods of Russia”-modified tall resin.
  21. Medal “For achievements in quality” is awarded to the department of TSPLP.
  22. Silver medal “Sibupak”.
  23. A cup for the high quality of products and promotion of the products in Mongolia.
  24. Krasnoyarsk Fair – the medal for profitability and competitiveness of cardboard packing.
  25. Following the results of work for 2006 OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” is awarded an honorary title "The leader of economic development of Russia" in the nomination "The Best Taxpayer of Russia — 2006"
  26. The certificate of a right to use a sign “Brand of Quality of the Republic of Buryatia” for paper bags.
  27. Novosibirsk, Siberian fair "Prodsib. Sibupak-2007" - the Big Gold medal for development and commissioning of a cardboard KS-125 brand "Selenga liner".
  28. Krasnoyarsk, «Supermarket. Packing. Label" - a medal for high quality and functionality of cardboard packing. The diploma for environmentally friendly cardboard and paper packing.
  29. In 1999 - Krasnoyarsk, “Food Supplies-99” a diploma for a wide range of corrugated packaging.
  30. In 2000 - the 10th international universal Irkutsk fair – a Gold medal and a Diploma for contribution of the enterprise to saturation of the market of the Siberian region by new production technologies of paper and corrugated cardboard packing within environmentally friendly and waste-free production.
  31. In 2001 - OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” is “Enterprise of a year 2000”.
  32. In 2002 - “10 best goods of Buryatiya”-modified tall resin .
  33. In 2003 - Irkutsk “Sibprodovolstviye, packing, label, trade equipment" – a Gold medal and a Diploma "For active promotion on the regional market of eco-friendly, competitive packing and composition design”.
  34. In 2004 - a diploma and a silver medal “For high quality. New Era” of international program “Golden constellation”.
  35. In 2005 - an international agricultural food fair “Altayskaya Niva”, a medal for promotion of traditional kinds of packing - corrugated cardboard boxes.
  36. In 2006 - “Sibupak-2006” – “Gold Medal of Siberian Fair” for production of high-quality corrugated cardboard for flat layers of K-0-125 brand.
  37. In 2007 - Vladivostok, the 4th specialized trade fair within the 3rd Primorskiy Food Forum "Label. Packing. Warehouse. Shop" – a Diploma and a Gold medal for production of products from a corrugated cardboard of complex carving.
  38. In 2008 – Irkutsk, "Sibprodovolstviye. Drinks", "Packing. Label. Trade equipment" - a medal and a diploma for high consumer properties and the wide range of products.
  39. In 2010 – OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” has taken the 8th place in rating on the qualifier of a type of economic activity "21.12" - "Paper and a cardboard production" among 190000 enterprises registered on the territory of the Russian Federation according to the Russian business rating. In this regard, the enterprise has received the status "The leader of economy of Russia - 2010" and the national certificate.
  40. In 2010 – OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” has become the winner of the Russian competition "The best Russian enterprises. Dynamics, efficiency, responsibility-2010" in the nomination "Ecological Responsibility", being the only cellulose plant in the world working according to the zero-discharge water system using closed water recirculation entered in August, 1990. The organizer of a competition is the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs the Awards ceremony of winners was held on April 21st, 2011 in Moscow within "Week of the Russian business" (on May 19-21, 2011).
  41. In 2012 OJSC “Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill” has taken the 17th place in rating on the qualifier of a type of economic activity "21.12" - "Paper and cardboard production" among 4519 enterprises. In this regard, the enterprise has gained an award and the diploma "For a contribution to development of branch".
  42. In 2015 – a diploma for the best packing, the 24th International Universal Exhibition “Gate to Asia-2015”, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  43. Diploma for "The best display at the exhibition" in the nomination "The Most Stylish Stand", the 17th Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Food industry", Astana, Kazakhstan.
  44. Diploma and a medal for the 3rd place in the nomination "The Best Design of the Stand", the 17th Kazakhstan International Exhibition "Food industry", Astana, Kazakhstan.
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