Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill

«We take care of your business, producing high quality packing and preserving the nature!»

OJSC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill» is the major producer of sulfate unbleached cellulose in Siberia.

  • 100 000 tons of container board annual output
  • 60 000 000 meters corrugated packaging produced annually
  • 2000 employees are working at LLC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill»
  • >400 hectares of mill territory                         

1959, foundation laying started the mill's history which had been continuing till the present time.

  • 1959 April

    USSR State Planning Committee and Cabinet Council proved the necessity of mill construction which would recycle edgings and timber trades, the mill had to be located in the basin of Lake Baikal.

  • 1973 July, 7

    The first pulping was carried out on the 7th of June, 1973. The whole cardboard processor chain was involved in the production.

  • 1973 June, 30

    June 30, 1973, Government commission signed the mill first order start-up act. This date became «Pulp and cardboard mill’s» birthday.

  • 1974

    Biological, chemical and mechanical treatments of industrial wastes were totally domesticated 1974. Unique stopping complex work appeared as a result of complete domestication. The stopping complex minimizes the harmful influence of discharges on Baikal ecosystem.

  • 1990 August, 1

    The mill stopped industrial water discharging into the Selenga river.

Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill focuses on corrupted liner cardboard, timber and chemical plant manufacturing.

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Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill supplies food processors, chemical, development, medical companies with its production. The geography of mill’s partners stretches from Vladivostok to Krasnodar. Among the foreign partners there are China, Japan, Finland and the states of the former Soviet Union such as Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.

  • The mill is located nearby M-55 «Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude-Chita» federal road and effects shipping by all means of freight transportation.

  • LLC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill» has its own railway station, connected to Trans-Siberian, owns its private rolling stock.

OJSC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill» has various awards and honors won in Russian and international competitions.

Plant products are in a list of best Russian goods. Annually the mill places in various competitions.

The mill follows ecological leading policy.

  • Due to the fact that the mill is located close to Lake Baikal it is constantly controlled by environmental authorities and the government. The mill does not discharge wastewater into the water basins.

  • 1990, the mill launched proprietary closed loop water rotation system, which precluded the possibility of industrial effluent discharge. At the same time the production quality was not reduced. The forceful disposal facility complex effects triple water cleaning (chemical, biological and mechanical).

  • 2010, Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill won «Best Russian enterprise» competition in the category of «Ecological responsibility». Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill is the only cellulose mill the word which operates closed-loop water rotation way.

  • Starting from 1977, the mill has been maintaining sanitary-industrial laboratory, which controls industrial emissions in the disposal facilities. Mill’s protection zone air environment monitoring came within laboratories’ duties.

Team work helps us to target a market, be competitive and make the riffle.

OJSC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill» is not just co-workers and high quality professionals, it’s a team of opinion allies who view the mill not as a place of employment, but as an important part of their life.

The mill consists of:

  • Container board shop floor
  • Packing materials shop floor (corrugated board, corrugated packaging, complicated stamping corrugated packaging, pad flats)
  • timber and chemical production shop floor
  • Timber preproduction shop floor
  • Boiling and washing shop floor
  • Evaporative shop floor
  • Lime reburning shop floor
  • Instrumentation and automated control systems shop floor

OJSC «Selenginsky pulp and cardboard mill» has got a well-developed overhaul base and perennial unique experience. Repair group shops handle running and full repair, equipment and industrial space modernization and installation.

Support shop floor consists of:

  • mechanical-repair department
  • construction and repair sho
  • electrical repair shop
  • drain and water supply shop floor
  • stopping complex
  • railway shop floor
  • motor-road transport department
  • thermal electric power station
  • communication shop
  • polygraphic shop
  • storage facilities
  • public catering service

We highly appreciate your reliance and attention to us. We are proud of your faith and increase it, therefore we are instantly modernizing production and gearing each segment of our business to equate understanding and our clients’ requirements satisfying.